Hydration pH 8+ ACTIVE

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    Be Basic, Live Better

    Phenoh Hydration pH 8+ helps you Hydrate faster and more effectively than water alone. Our Alkaline Water with Perfect pH Balance mirrors your body's essential pH and has the most Electrolytes out of any hydration product on the market today. On top of that, we offer an all-natural Superfood blend of Organic Aloe Vera, Bamboo Extract, and Himalayan Pink Salt for quick & healthy Recovery from any activity – whether it's a heart pumping exercise, a caffeine crash at the office, a nasty hangover, traveling, or practically any sweat-drenching activity under the sun. Yes, you can have it all! It's your new any-time hydration ritual.

    + Alkaline Water for Perfect pH Balance and Rapid Hydration. 
    + All 5 Essential Electrolytes and 84 Trace Minerals to replace what you lost with activity.
    + All-Natural Superfood Blend of Organic Aloe Vera, Bamboo Extract, and Himalayan Pink Salt for quick & healthy Recovery from any activity.
    + Potassium Boost – 3X a Banana!
    + Sugar Free, Acid Free, Calorie Free, Preservative Free, Artificial Free.
    + Keto Friendly to fit your new diet.
    + 100% Vegan, Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO.
    + 12 Bottles (500ml/each) with new INFUSION Cap


    Hydration With Benefits

    How to use

    Enjoy at home, the office, the gym, or during travel with our easy-to-use, INFUSION CAP bottle. Simply twist and push the cap to boost pH and infuse the natural and organic ingredient blend. Then shake-shake-shake – and shake some more! 

    Why it works

    Traditional sports drinks have some electrolytes but are bogged down by artificial ingredients and acidic preservatives like Citric Acid that counteract the effects of electrolyte hydration. We do away with artificial nonsense by using all 5 essential Electrolyes, simple Superfoods for added recovery benefits, and optimize them with Perfectly pH Balanced Alkaline water to deliver amazingly functional nutrients faster and more effectively than yesterday's sports drinks. Clean ingredients, no nonsense. This is the future of healthy hydration! 

    What's Inside?

    • Alkaline Water: Perfect pH Balance that mirrors your body's essential pH. 
    • All-Natural Superfood Blend: Organic Aloe Vera and Bamboo Extract help repair muscles, boost immune function, and reduce inflammation, while Himalayan Pink Salt helps in maintaining healthy function of cells, nerve conduction, and healthy digestion.
    • Electrolytes: All 5 essential electrolytes and 84 trace minerals.
    • No B.S.: Hydration should never come with hidden ingredients. We keep our products 100% Vegan, Paleo-friendly, Keto-friendly, and Gluten Free with no sugar, no acids, no calories, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and no GMO's.

    ...but is it KETO Friendly?

    • 100% Yes!
    Type: Hydration Beverage

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