The Science

Bodies Love Balance 


pH Balance is one of the most important systems in the human body, and as such, our bodies are extremely effective in regulating our pH balance so that we function properly.  We produce acidic waste as a byproduct of metabolism, and our bodies get rid of this waste though the respiratory and urinary systems.  During period of increased metabolism, such as when we exercise or when we are under a lot of stress, our cells naturally increase more acidic waste and we do whatever it takes to get rid of that acidity and maintain our essential pH balance. When our bodies produce acids faster than we can get rid of them, we experience a condition called metabolic acidosis, which must be quickly corrected to maintain health and function.

The second way that bodies experience acidic stress is by consuming highly acidic food and drinks. The bottled beverage industry today uses a process called Acid Fill to manufacture.  In this process, strong acids are added to beverages to preserve the products and extend shelf life.  Acidic ingredients add to the total acid load on our bodies and make our bodies actually work harder to stay eliminate the waste and stay balanced. That's why we use non-acidic, or Alkaline Water which better reflects and supports the body's natural pH to help us maintain our essential pH balance so that you can perform at you best, for longer. 

It's Simple! Balanced bodies live better!


Powered By Alkalinity


In order for our bodies to benefit from nutrients, those nutrients must be absorbed from our food and drinks in the digestive system.  Believe it or not, nutrient absorption is driven by acid-base chemistry and many nutrients are not effective in an acidic environment.  That's why Phenoh Hydration products utilize the same alkaline minerals that your body uses to maintain its essential pH balance, to create a balanced pH environment to optimize nutrient absorption and effectiveness of our plant-based superblends.  

It's like a safe zone where nutrients are able to be their best selves!



+ Most drinks are made with acidic additives like Citric Acid

+ Your body doesn't need more acids, this creates an unbalance

+ PHENOH is Acid Free and also pH Balanced to mirror your body's pH

+ PHENOH has a new Rapid Absorption System that doesn't use Sugar

+ Be kind to your body, keep it simple, keep it Alkaline