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Phenoh Partnerships

Partner with us to become a part of the better-for-you hydration revolution.

We're making moves to help people look beyond sugary beverages and to a better state of health and performance. Help us spread the word and get big rewards along the way. :)

Drink it, Love it, Share it

Promote Phenoh, earn rewards.

Here's the gist of it

Do you value health and wellness? Then we have chemistry!

Promote Phenoh by sharing a personalized discount code to friends, family, or followers. They get 10% off their order, you get 10% commission on each order made using your code.

Anyone who is passionate about health and wellness and has above 2,000 followers on social media is eligible to sign up. Start today!

Step 1

  • Click the sign up button
  • Fill the application and submit

Step 2

  • Receive email accepting you into the program
  • Wait to receive your welcome package

Step 3

  • Receive package with product and tips and tricks
  • Start promoting Phenoh to your followers!


How does this work?

Drink it, love it, share it. Tell your friends, family, and followers about PHENOH. They get 10% off their purchase at phenoh.com using your discount link, and you learn 10% commission for the sale. The more orders are placed with your discount code, the more you earn!

Who is elegible?

Anyone who is passionate about health and wellness and has 2,000+ followers on social media is eligible to sign up!

How much can I earn?

As an official PHENOH partner, you’ll earn 10% commission each time someone uses your personalized discount code.

How will I get paid?

We’ll pay you through PayPal on a regular basis, so be sure to have a Paypal account ready.

Can I sample the product first?

When you're approved, the welcome package will include some samples for you to try.

How do I sign up?

If you all about health and wellness and have 2,000+ followers, simply fill out the form using the link "Sign Up" above! It may take up to a week for you to receive confirmation as we personally approve each affiliate.

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