We Wanted Better

We believe that daily wellness starts with proper hydration. That's why we've dedicated the past years to creating naturally effective products with a refreshing taste that prioritize health and performance.

Our Story

Our co-founder Alex has always been an active and outdoors-y kind of person, but he is also passionate about chemistry. One day, while cycling outside and hydrating with a sports dink in hand, he realized he was consuming more sugar than electrolytes.

Not only that, he also knew that the acidic preservatives in most bottled beverages actually work against the body, not with it, since the body actually works to remove acid as metabolic waste during exercise.

His reaction grew into an idea: better hydration using real ingredients and no bad stuff like acids, with enough Electrolytes to make a meaningful difference, and added Superfoods to help support our health and performance.

So he got to work, and based on years of extensive scientific research examining the biology of top performers, Alex and a team of experts developed a new, breakthrough hydration formula that does not rely on harmful glucose or acids.

Instead, it uses healthy, natural alkaline minerals Phosphate and Bicarbonate, the same minerals that the body uses to maintain pH balance, to offset acidic load during exercise and improve oxygen delivery to the body.

Meaning? It amplifies the body's natural biochemistry using minerals the body understands. And so PHENOH was born, the cleanest, most effective functional beverages on the planet.

Our Promise

You shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you.

Made By Nature

We always use potent, high-quality ingredients that are 100% vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO so you can feel good about what you put in your body.

Backed By Science

We will only use well documented science that is safe and effective for everyone. It is never at odds with the health and performance of the body.

No Bad Stuff

We never over-process our products. That means absolutely no any artificial ingredients that lower the effectiveness, quality, and absorption of ingredients.

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