Our Story

About Us

Five years ago, on a bike ride in Central California, I had a vision for a better hydration beverage. As a college student invested in sports and studying biology, I relied heavily on traditional sports drinks to keep me going on and off the field. But I soon realized that what I was consuming was mostly sugar, acids, and artificial nonsense. As my undergraduate senior research project, I learned that acidic preservatives like Citric Acid are harmful for our health and performance. 

With millions of sugary, highly acidic, and artificial hydration products being sold every year, I knew that a change was needed. So I got to work on creating an Alkaline and Plant-Based alternative to the traditional sports drink.

PHENOH represents the belief that balance is key to life. And when scientific data and medical research meets nature's finest ingredients, we get a balanced product that considers our health, wellness, and performance so that we can thrive as we were meant to thrive. Thanks for supporting our small and independently owned business that is focused on providing healthy hydration for everyone!

Alex Schmotter D.D.S,
Founder + C.E.O