Kickstart your day with these savory superfood breakfast bowls

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Regardless of how you start your mornings, it is ALWAYS important to eat breakfast. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are more likely to make healthy food choices throughout the day and are able to focus better at work.

Below we thought we would share 3 antioxidant packed, nutrition filled breakfast bowls that go great with a glass of Phenoh and will leave you energized all day!


Black Bean Breakfast Bowl

If you enjoy egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, then you will absolutely love this breakfast bowl. Garlic filled kale with spicy sriracha beans provide you with fiber, while brown rice adds grainy goodness. If you aren't feeling brown rice, swap it out for some quinoa and mix in pumpkin seeds for a nice crunch. Top it off with a fried egg or egg whites, and you’re good to go!


Green Pesto Breakfast Bowl 

Breakfast proteins don't always have to be centered around eggs. Instead, incorporate some shredded golden potatoes and mixed greens to fill this hearty bowl! Don't forget to smother it in a heavenly pesto. This bowl is a health-boosting combination of basil, parsley and cilantro, to make a delicious, flavorful sauce. 


Savory Breakfast Quinoa Bowl

Swap out oatmeal this week for a dish filled with plant-based proteins and an extra boost of fiber. Cherry tomatoes and avocado increase nutrition and add color to the dish, while fresh basil and Za’tar enhance delicious flavor. If you want to add extra proteins, hard-boil a batch of eggs ahead of time, so you can assemble this dish within five minutes!

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