6 Amazing Running Trails in San Francisco

When it comes to being an avid runner, or someone who loves to stay active, we're sure you find yourself getting bored of the same scenery. 

Living in the Bay Area, there are endless trails to run on and it can seem almost unfathomable to choose your next workout destination!

That's why we're here to help! Keep reading for 6 stunning trails in San Francisco that will enhance your running experience and boost your routine:

1. Land's End Trail

Perched on the northwest side the of the city, this trail is a runner's dream because of the stunning views to jog along. 


2. The Presidio 

Located in a former Army base, there are up to 24 miles of trails, which all contain stunning views of the bay and its bridges.  


3. Mount Davidson 

This trail neighbors Twin Peaks and is the highest point in San Francisco at 938 feet! Jog along beautiful panoramic views of the city.


4. Golden Gate Park 

You can never go wrong running in Golden Gate Park because of the ENDLESS amount of trails there are to explore. You can be in the city one moment, and on the beach the next!


5. Glen Park Canyon 

This trail is tucked in the southern part of the city. It's a deep canyon that slices through a 70-acre space filled with unique geography, nature and city views. The trail comes out to be 3.7 miles long, it's perfect for a nice midday run!


6. Corona Heights 

If you're looking for a trail that isn't too long, but has breathtaking views, this trail is for you! The hike up to the summit is about a mile long and has the best panoramic view of the city.

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